Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association


Formed in 1963, we are the only professional organization dedicated solely to representing family and consumer sciences teachers in Texas.

FCSTAT represents over 3,000 professional family and consumer sciences educators, secondary, post secondary educators and administrators; cooperative extension educators, retired educators and university students enrolled in family and consumer sciences education programs.

Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas purposes are:

  • To promote actively the interests of teachers of family and consumer sciences.
  • To encourage higher standards of teaching by family and consumer sciences educators.
  • To promote harmony and solidarity of group action within the membership.
  • To promote liaison with the representation in organizations and groups having related concerns.
  • To cooperate with the Texas Education Agency and its staff in continued development of career and technology education in Texas.
  • To expand and improve public knowledge and understanding of the advantages of family and consumer sciences education and career and technology education.
  • To advocate and encourage creative leadership in home and family life.
  • To support the FCSTAT Student Section and the purposes of that organization.
  • To support the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization and the Alumni Association and the purposes of their organizations.
  • To recognize and honor individuals for outstanding contributions to family and consumer sciences education.

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